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    Dentistry isn't any longer simply a case of filling and removing teeth. These days many of us address dental medicine, or 'Aesthetic Dentistry', as how of up their look. They are doing this within the same manner they could use nip and tuck or perhaps a replacement hairstyle. The treatments will be wont to straighten, lighten, reshape and repair teeth. Cosmetic treatments embody veneers, crowns, bridges, tooth-coloured fillings, implants and tooth change of colour.


    Porcelain veneers can revitalize your smile, very quickly. If your teeth are chipped or stained, include an unsightly gap, or have been ground down, and you are ready for a change, you should consider a Smile Makeover. In just one week, you can look years younger with beautiful.

    Teeth Whitening

    Teeth whitening also known as bleaching of teeth are cosmetic procedure of whitening the teeth. With increasing consciousness among people regarding their looks, bleaching of teeth is becoming very popular and in much demand. A bright and pleasant smile does make a big difference in ones confidence level and who doesn't wish for a beautiful smile. Yellowed stained teeth can spoil that important first impression and even turn people off.

    Tooth crystal

    Tooth crystal involves putting precious, semi-precious or metal crystals onto the teeth so that the teeth shine whenever you smile. The Jewel is stuck on the tooth with an adhesive substance used in dental practices. The best part of this latest aesthetic feature in cosmetic dentistry is that there is no drilling involved and the procedure is completely painless. The process of fixing a crystal just takes around 15-20 minutes. So, you need not hold much patience for this procedure.

    Snap-On Smile

    Snap-On Smile is a removable appliance made from a unique, proprietary formula of hi-tech dental resins that "snaps" or slips on over a patient's existing teeth. This appliance can cover the entire lower or upper arch of a patient's mouth and immediately disguises stained, chipped, crowded, unevenly space and missing teeth. The material is thin, strong and looks like natural teeth and you can eat and drink while wearing it. Snap-On Smile is a suitable temporary solution while saving up for permanent dental restoration or a cosmetic solution that patients can wear as needed and that can last several years before requiring replacement.

    Benefits of Snap-On Smile

    • Fast process that requires only two visits and as little as two weeks
    • More affordable than other cosmetic dentistry treatments
    • Suitable for almost everyone
    • Alternative for those who aren't good candidates for implants or bridges
    • Comfortable attractive alternative to partial denture
    • Comfortable
    • Painless application and no alteration in tooth structure
    • Completely reversible and removable at any time

    Inlays and onlays

    Dental inlays and onlays are restorations used to repair rear teeth with mild to moderate decay or cracked and fractured teeth that are not sufficiently damaged to need a crown.

    There are other benefits to inlays and onlays in comparison to metal fillings:

    • Inlays and onlays are durable — they're made from tough, hard-wearing materials which last up to 30 years.
    • They help to strengthen teeth by up to 75 percent, unlike traditional metal fillings which can actually reduce the strength of the teeth by up to 50 percent.
    • Inlays and onlays prolong tooth life and prevent the need for more dental treatment in the future.