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  • Crown-Bridges

    What is a crown?

    A dental crown is a tooth shaped cap used to cover a decayed or malformed tooth. If your tooth is damaged but not lost, a crown can help restore its shape, size and strength as well as improve its appearance. The crown is needed when the tooth is generally broken down and the fillings can't solve the problem.

    Why is it required?

    • To protect a weak tooth that has broken down from decayy
    • To support parts of a cracked tooth or a severely worn down tooth
    • To support a tooth with a large filling
    • To provide coverage after a root canal treatment
    • To make a cosmetic modification like covering rotated, small or discoloured teeth

    Dental Bridge

    A dental bridge is a permanent fixed treatment that replaces missing teeth. These artificial teeth literally bridge the gap between the remaining teeth. Bridges may be placed on your own natural teeth, on implants or on a combination of both.

    Who needs a dental bridge?

    Anyone who is missing one or more teeth is a candidate for a dental bridge. The surrounding teeth and gum tissue should be in good overall health, as they will serve as anchorage teeth for the replacement prosthetic.

    What are the Advantages?

    • Restores your smile
    • Restores your ability to properly chew and speak
    • Maintains the shape and profile of your face
    • Evenly distributes the biting forces by replacing the missing teeth
    • Prevents the remaining teeth from drifting and closing the space
    • Reduces the potential for gum problems and dental decay
    • Reduces the chances of getting TMJ joint problems